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Refractive Surgery

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Would you like to be less dependent on glasses and contact lenses?  Everywhere you turn laser refractive eye surgery is in the news.  Is it for you?  Lasik is the most common excimer laser surgery.  It is an outpatient surgical procedure that takes about 10 minutes to perform.  A protective flap of cornea is created with a microkeratome.  The exposed inner layers of the cornea are then reshaped with the excimer laser to duplicate your eyeglass or contact prescription.  The flap is then closed and heals naturally and securely.

Laser refractive surgery cannot correct all types of refractive errors and some corrections are more successful than others. What will your outcome be?  No one can guarantee your success, but at Brainerd Eyecare Center we will provide you with a thorough pre-operative examination and explain all of your options including how to choose a surgeon.  We have been providing pre-operative and day one post-operative care to refractive surgery patients since the introduction of refractive surgery.  

Lasik is the most common excimer laser surgeryIn addition to Lasik, other procedures are available as well. These include intraocular lens implants for high prescription, Intralase, Lasek, and PRK for thin corneas, CK for farsighted corrections, and custom wavefront guided Lasik for enhanced sharpness of vision. We will discuss all of your surgical and optical options with you.

Successful refractive eye surgery requires a knowledgeable patient with realistic expectations and an experienced, skilled surgeon utilizing only the highest quality, well maintained equipment.  Should you pick a surgeon from an advertisement or because of the advertised price?  We think not.  Let us discuss your individual case at the time of your examination or with a free in-office personal consultation. Please refer to the sites listed below for further information.

These sites clearly explain the procedures and will answer many of your questions.

Know all your options, benefits, and risks before you schedule any surgery.  We want to hear our patients say "That was the best decision I ever made.  My surgeon was the best and my outcome exceeded my expectations."

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