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Glass selection at Brainerd EyeCare CenterYou will find the area's finest selection of frame styles and will receive only the highest quality optical materials and expert dispensing services at Brainerd Eyecare Center.  We have over 1000 frames including exclusive lines by Daniel Swarovski, Nodoka, VolteFace, Axel & Karavan. Whether you are looking for designer fashions, classic, or sporty styles, you're sure to find just your look from our selection.  Most eyeglass frames are covered by our exclusive two year breakage warranty.

You probably know that extended exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, but did you know that it can harm the eyes? Damage ranging from temporary discomfort to cataracts and macular degeneration can occur. There are many options in protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV).
  • Sunglasses100% uv protecting sun lens - Polaroid for total reduction of glare, grey to keep colors more natural, brown/amber to enhance contrast.
  • Transitions - a lens that changes from light to dark.
  • Clear coatings - applied to any lens, to block 100% of uv.
  • Contact lenses - some contact lenses block uv, but they do not reduce glare or protect the eyelid or skin surrounding the eye.

Ask us about what sunglasses you should be wearing.

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Golf glasses
Need to improve your golf game? Most golfers have a pair of golf shoes, a golf glove, and clubs designed to fit their specific needs, but what about your glasses? Glasses designed specifically for golf allow you to tell subtle differences in greens and fairways, help you see the ball in flight, and most importantly not interfere with your swing. If you wear bifocals, special designs allow you to see your score card, but not be bothered by distortion when putting or driving the ball. Protection from UV and glare is important as well as proper color of your lenses. Grey/green lenses keep color perception more true. Amber lenses enhance contrast. Frames should be large enough to give you a full view of the ball when you look down.

Every golfer has different needs due to lens prescription, body height, and light sensitivity. Let us recommend what would make your golf game more enjoyable.
Computer glassesComputer glasses
Tired, red, irritated eyes, blurred vision, and headaches- Does this sound familiar after working on a computer? Let us make your time on the computer more enjoyable, comfortable, and productive by evaluating your visual needs and examining your eyes. Solutions to computer vision problems may vary depending on each individual. You may simply need to re-arrange your work environment or have a custom designed computer pair of glasses prescribed. Special computer lens designs are available that focus the computer screen without having to contort your head into uncomfortable positions. Lens powers are prescribed to see all necessary distances and to reduce glare. We will be happy to prescribe what would be best for you.
If you wear glasses, you have a reason to wear an accessory on your face. Have you ever thought about your glasses being part of your wardrobe? A pair for work, another for socializing, and a sporty pair for fun. There's nothing like a pair of glasses to add intrigue, distinction, style, trust. Why not have glasses to go with different outfits or suits? Styles change dramatically every few years and we want you to look good and feel good about yourself. Check out the wide variety of fashion frames in our optical
Crizal anti-reflective lenses
Imagine night driving with reduced glare. Vision that is sharper, clearer, more comfortable. Lenses that are more scratch resistant. These advantages along with a lens that is easier to keep clean make Crizal a clear choice for your new prescription glasses. If you wear single vision or have progressive addition or bifocal lenses, you can have Crizal. If you wear plastic, polycarbonate, clear or sunglasses, you can have Crizal. Check out and then ask our opticians to make your new glasses without glare.

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Your glasses will be custom crafted by an independent eyeglass laboratory using only the finest quality materials.  Your eyewear will be ready when you need them,  even the next day in many cases.  Our expert opticians will explain all of the latest lens and frame options to you including progressive addition lenses, new thinner, lighter lenses, and a full array of tints and anti-reflective coatings.  Our opticians are trained and experienced to make you the finest quality, most comfortable glasses you have experienced.

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