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Artwork about amblyopiaAmblyopia or lazy eye is a condition that affects 4 in 100 children.  It usually has no symptoms apparent to the child, the parent or the pediatrician.  It is characterized by poor sharpness of vision in one or both eyes that cannot be corrected with glasses and is not associated with other eye disease.  Sometimes an eye may turn in or out if amblyopic, but not often. Family history may play a role in lazy eye or with eyes not working together. The earlier the condition is detected and treated, the more successful the outcome may be.  If left untreated past age 6 or 7 it may leave the child permanently blind in that eye. 

Diagnosis of amblyopia is made with a comprehensive eye examination.  Visual acuity and eye teaming can be assessed as early as age 6 months and risk factors identified.  Undetected high refractive error is commonly a cause of lazy eye. Treatment usually includes using an eye patch and wearing eyeglasses.  Recent studies have shown that patching the good eye while doing detailed near tasks for just 2 hours a day is just as effective as longer patching times.  Atropine drops may be effective as well, if patching is not tolerated.

Links to more information on Amblyopia: - Cool website about successful patching
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